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Cisco Unified Communications

How necessary is communication in the Accounting field?
I was wondering how much of a factor it is. I have a form of autism. While I can answer questions when asked ( or possibly even give a presentation if I have enough subject matter) I cannot relate to people well, carry on a conversation about something that's not work/school oriented, make small talk/jokes.

I am pretty good at math and I have high interest in numbers, statistics, finance formulas and the like. I also can write pretty effectively and find it much easier than verbal communication. While I am a little on the slow learner side, I typically make high grades in my college freshman classes.

What Im basically wondering is do people with poor social skills just have to make up for it in expertise/work ethic?

****As you might be able to assume, I dont plan on running my own practice

Great video showing the future of technology that isn’t tied to an operating system.