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Turbo Encabulator - Rockwell

What is the communication after one-night stand supposed to be like?
I am curious to learn what are the rules of communication after friends decide to do one-night stand. I am wondering, because normally one-night stands could be random or out-of-the blue. But when friends decide to have sex together, does the same rules apply? Does each person feel obligated to continue the communication with eachother?

“It has been successfully used for operating nofer trunnions. In addition, whenever a barescent skor motion is required, it may be employed in conjunction with a drawn reciprocating dingle arm to reduce sinusoidal depleneration.” en.wikipedia.org ———– A great scoutmaster in my troop used this video for communications merit badge long ago. … Rockwell Automotive Engineering Turbo Encabulator Turbo-Encabulator Communication Gibberish