Just Communication – Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (with lyrics)

Just Communication - Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (with lyrics)

What is the difference between Journalism and Communication Studies in university?
I applied to university for journalism but was transfered into communications studies, I'm wondering, what's the difference? I'm attending Carleton University in Ottawa but I can't figure out the difference between the two. On their website the school is the School of Journalism and Communication, but the only undergraduate programs they offer is bachelor of journalism and bachelor of mass communications. Is it mass communications I was offered into? Thanks 🙂

– The wonderful theme song of Gundam Wing ^^ Lyrics are shown below – in English!!! *I didn’t do the translation myself, so don’t blame me for a wrong translation… – I have the song in mp3; if you want it, I prefer trading another song. I also have ‘White Reflection’, ‘Battle Theme’, ‘Who Burns Away’, ‘With Only My Words’ and ‘Rhytm Emotion’. JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION While being pounded by rain I want to let you know the unfading hot feelings in side me TONIGHT! I held your damp …