Jason Becker Communication – Vocal Eyes

Jason Becker Communication - Vocal Eyes

Seeing so many different levels at work in communication. How to articulate?
Lately, I have noticed when talking to people. So much behind everything they say like their perceived characterization of me and where their relationship stands with me, their agenda in saying whatever their saying, what it may mean to them or their ego (i usually find it easier just to cater to their ego) how their past and current situation is affecting how they act and the reasons they are acting how they do to cope with the situation. How do I tear all this down, or articulate it to get to some proper communication with people. It all seems so false. Maybe i should have become a psychologist.

This is a brief how-to video for Vocal Eyes, the visual communication tool that Gary Becker invented to communicate with his son, Jason Becker. This can be a great tool for people to communicate when they can no longer speak or write or sign. For more info, go to www.jasonbecker.com