Kids Craze – How To Choose The Best Formal Foot Wear For Boys

Truly, shoes are regarded differently by people. Women’ shoes are sophisticated and lustrous. Men’s shoes are convenient and resilient. Girls like it pretty and cute. Boys are satisfied with sneakers and sports shoes. They say that when it comes to children’s shoes parent should choose comfort over style. But that was before. Now, children’s shoes come in wide array of styles and materials making it easier for parents to choose the right pair of shoes for their children.

Then again, what may come as a challenge are boys. Boys are pleased wearing sneakers and rubber shoes since they are very cushy. They dislike wearing luxurious formal shoes. Who wouldn’t? Rubber shoes are cozier as compared to formal leather foot wear. However, there are situation that require your son to wear formal shoes like a cousin’s wedding or a burial. If you are still clueless on what formal foot wear is best for your child, read up and you’ll discover how:

Get The Proper Measurement Of Your Son’s Shoe Size
Before letting your child try some of the most excellent formal shoes in stores, you need to know the right shoe size of your child. How? Drop by your local shoe store and ask for assistance. Surely, they have a distinctive measuring device that can accurately measure the length and width of their consumers’ feet.

Avoid picking shoes that are one or two size bigger or sizes that are too small. Big shoes can cause your son to trip and small shoes can cause blisters and bruise your son’s feet.

Decide On The Right Color
The color of shoes can make or break an attire. Choosing just any shoes without knowing the regulation is a big No. As a rule, the color of formal shoes should match the color of slacks your child will be wearing. Black leather shoes are ideal as it can complement any slacks. Camel is also a nice color. It can match black, navy blue and gray slacks.

Types Of Formal Dress Shoes
Most parents would choose loafer as there are no laces to worry about. Loafers are feasible and they look smart and neat. In general, the shinier the shoes look the better. Kenneth Cole’s formal shoes are excellent on any form of suits.

Dress Boots that can match any formal wear are challenging to find. On the other hand, it can superbly match any pair of jeans or chinos. It offers not only style but also convenience, viability and longevity. Dr. Martens has the most excellent dress boots.

Shoe Materials
When shoe hunting for your little boy’s formal shoes, it is expedient to look for breathable materials like leather. Durable materials can keep the child’s foot cooler and dryer. It also helps prevent pain, blisters and smelly toes.

Deliberate On The Style And Design
One of the most excellent shoe brands at present is Hush Puppies. They are distinguished for their comfortable shoe designs and high quality materials. In addition, Hush Puppies shoe line for boys’ ranges from urban to country, and industrial design. Dr. Martens’ shoes, on the other hand are trendy, voguish, classic and dressy suitable to pair with any suits, tux or jeans.

Definitely, finding the right fit, style and shoe pattern for your young man can be quite a handful. Opportunely, at present, there are so many provisions that you and your young man can choose from. Department stores and online shoe shops at present offer smart shoe designs that can fit your child’s individual needs and requirements. Have fun shoe hunting!

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