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Homeschooling your kids is becoming more and more common. More families are going with this option but it used to very rare to homeschool your kids. Studies have shown that kids who are homeschooled do better on tests, perform better in college and are better able to work independently and not let socialization get in the way of job performance later on in life. It has also shown that homeschooled children have stronger family bonds. Knowing that is all well and good, of course, but making the decision to homeschool your kids is just one part of the process.

Choosing your curriculum is the next step and involves a little more work. Use the following tips to help you in doing so.

Unschooling is by and large the most variable and relaxed type of home schooling you might consider. You’re children’s natural instincts and interests are the focus of this curriculum. In a manner of speaking unschooling isn’t schooling at all since schooling refers to lesson plans and curriculums. This method allows kids to decide when and how they learn. You as the parent can take a hands off approach to their learning. Applying for scholarships, college admissions and SAT’s can be a challenge with this method despite the fact that many parents have great success with it.

There are a couple different K-12 schools that only operation online. This makes it possible for you to do both home schooling for your children as well as giving them some formation that is provided by a “standard” school. One of the major issues that parents come across when reviewing the various private online schools is the price for tuition. It makes no difference whether they are traditional or online schools, but private schools coast a great deal of money. You also won’t have as much control over the curriculum as you might like. Take these things into consideration when it comes time for you to think about which home school curriculum to pick out. Subsequently, isn’t one of the reasons for teaching your children at home, to have a say in the curriculum?

Occasionally, one of the optimal techniques for picking out your home schooling curriculum is to purchase a boxed set with various lesson plans. The boxed sets can help provide a structure to your day and your lesson plans. When you need to figure out your technique for a particular unit or lesson plan, the will be helpful because they often times comes with books and teaching materials to help you. One of the advantages to the boxed set is that you aren’t required to use everything-it is totally up to you to pick and choose, especially if you think you have better ideas. Also, you don’t have to totally rely upon the boxed set for your curriculum-you can pick sets for the topics that you don’t yet have in your curriculum.

Trying to figure out how to choose homeschooling curriculum does not have to be difficult. With some legwork (both on your own findings and advice from friends who educate their children at home) you should have an easier chance at deciding which technique will be most suitable for you and your kids.

You can even teach them to read with the right phonics curriculm. Teaching them phonics is not hard.