Fostering A Young Child

My wife and I starting discussing the possibility of fostering a child around two years ago. In this article I will be writing about our reasons for this and about the way in which it has enhanced our family.

We were already(two years ago) the proud parents of three children who were aged thirteen, eleven and eight and therefore I am sure that it would come as some what of a surprise to many of the readers of this article that we became interested in the idea and possibility of fostering another child. But this is exactly what we were thinking.

So what were the reasons for this? Well originally we began by discussing whether we wanted to have any more children of our own. It was decided that for many reasons we were not going to go down this route and this is when my wife started to speak about becoming a foster parent.

We also felt that we had been very fortunate in life – as previously stated we have three amazing children, we are in a sound financial position after having already paid off our mortgage and because we run a successful small business and due to the fact that we have all enjoyed good health for many years.

Not everyone in life is this lucky and we wanted to provide a stable environment to a child that would benefit from it. We also wanted to bring our unbounding love to this person’s life.

After going through the fostering application process we were introduced to Sammy – a four year old boy. He has been living with us, as part of our family, for the last three months and he certainly seems to be enjoying it – as are we. Sammy is a funny and cheeky young man and a boy who is seemingly forever smiling!