The Most Common Counseling Questions to Expect During the Counseling Session

Young couples that are intending to get married frequently get premarital therapy, as it can improve their likelihood of staying happily married. Quite a few of those couples wanting to attend counseling before their marriage take place want to know which kind of questions their counselor or psychologist will ask them during their first counseling session. If you are feeling anxious about your premarital counseling session or would like to know what sort of questions will be asked, here are some pointers that could help you ease your tension.

Financial Issues

Some questions that you can expect during your premarital counseling session are related to your financial status and plans. Here are some likely questions to get asked:

Do you have a financial plan? If you do, how are you planning to stick with your budget?
Do you have medical insurance or any retirement plans?
If one of you dies, who will handle your finances or how will you divide your money and other assets?
Do you have any stocks or personal savings?
If in the future, you think about having a divorce, how will your capital and other assets be divided?

Problems In The Relationship

Virtually every couple will experience marriage issues sooner or later. Preparing for how you will address some of the challenges that couples often experience can be extremely valuable.

If a misunderstanding happens, how would you overcome it and settle it?
When you are arguing, do you think about your partner’s feelings and views?
Is there any trait or behavior that you would like your partner to change?
Do you talk about sex comfortably with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
Does your partner satisfy you sexually?

Life After The Wedding

Speaking about what your expectations are to the way you live after the two of you get wedded is quite necessary. By talking things through before you marry one another, you can prevent a lot of misunderstandings and disagreements. So, during your premarital counseling session, you could be expecting to be asked the below questions:

How are you planning to share housework after getting married?
How important are family and good friends to you? Will there be anybody from your friends or family who will be residing with the two of you?
How much of your everyday time will you spend with your kids?
Who will maintain your family finances?

Spiritual and Religious Beliefs

If you are a Catholic, you are likely to be asked questions related to your beliefs – both religious and spiritual values. Here are a few of the questions that you may expect to get asked you and your spouse:

Is Jesus the center of your life?
Do you believe that God created you for each other and that you are destined to be together?
Do you believe you will be blessed by God as a wedded couple?
Will you talk about your religious and spiritual thinking with your kids?

This is not a comprehensive list of questions, but only some of the questions that your specialist is likely to ask you. Be prepared for these questions and your union should get off to a excellent start.

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