Prevent Sore Losers: Teaching Your Children About Losing

It is common for parents to expect their kids to excel and do their best in all the things they do. Because of this, most children will strive hard to always win to make their parents happy and impress everyone around them. It’s because nothing can match the sweet feeling of winning all the time. It’s not just the appreciation of winning that drives people to it, but also the reward that comes from always coming out on top, especially kids.

But as everyone knows, it is not everyday that one can win. Sometimes, we will lose. That’s because losing is a part of life. And kids are not immune to them. There are certainly times that no matter what they do, they will come up short. Not everyone can win, because there will always be a loser.

And during this time of losing may be the perfect time for parents to teach their kids about humility and accepting defeat. Teaching kids how to lose is a very important things every parent should know how to do. Admittedly, encouraging kids to be their very best is good, but it is not healthy for kids to have their parents make them believe that the only important thing in life is winning and losing is a sign of weakness. This is something all kids should understand from their parents.

And parents can do this by simply following these helpful tips:

1. All kids have some kind of interest, may it be in music, sports or academics. And no matter what this interest is, parents should be able to provide them with the adequate training they need. Give them the resources they will need to be better with the things they like. Providing them someone who can teach them more closely instead of yourself will be better to give them more freedom on what they are doing, instead of making them feel that they should just do something because you want them to. This will also help them listen and absorb the lessons properly.

2. Always let your kids know that you love them no matter what, even if they lose or fail on something. Give them some assurance that you will still treat them special whatever the outcome of a game or a competition they are in. Kids needs to be assured that their parents love them unconditionally.

3. Let children learn how to express their feelings especially when they are sad or angry. There is nothing wrong about crying over a loss. In fact, this could be better for them to really learn how to handle their feelings instead of repressing them. That is why you should never tell them not to cry and that crying is for sissies. Teach them the right ways on how to release their emotions.

4. After a loss, it is better to talk with your kids about it, but not as soon as the loss happen. At first, let them figure out and feel the situation by themselves. When they are ready, have time to discuss the issue with them and guide them on how they should handle a loss. Guide them accordingly and encourage them to try again and never quitting just because they lose that time.

5. Always be open to your kids especially when they want to talk about things. Knowing how to talk to children will definitely go a long way especially in times when they need you the most.

It is certainly hard to see your children losing. But use this as a way to teach them the correct lessons they need in life. Having a perfect balance of winning and losing is something that will shape your kids to become better persons when they grow up. That is why it is very important to guide them through challenges like these.