Six Of The Finest Fancy Dress Costumes For Young Girls

Should parents encourage their children to use their imagination? One educator of Psychology from Yale say that it is helpful for children to use their imagination. It helps children to play considerately with other children and to be successful in academic. Not only that, using the imagination can help enhance creative thinking and problem solving skills.

There are multiple ways to encourage imaginative thinking. Remember Barney’s famous song, Just Imagine? Barney’s friends use their imagination to playact that they are in space or that they are someone else like a prima ballerina or an astronaut. Pretend games and dressing up is part of childhood. These activities help develop the child’s imagination.

There are so many ways of dressing up. Following are some of the trendiest dressing up ideas that your young girl can try.

Indian Dress Up Costume

Who doesn’t know Pocahontas? Pocahontas is one of Disney’s famous characters. She is a native who fell in love with John Smith. If your young girl loves Pocahontas, why not come up with the perfect Indian attire. It’s very simple. Be resourceful. If you want to save, you can use an old drapery sac and come up with a simple Indian dress. You can also use feathers to embellish your daughter’s hair and face paint to complete the whole Indian character.

Disney Princess Costume

There are so many stores that sell Cinderella, Snow White and other princess costumes. These stores bargain the exact imitation that is perfect for your little princess. Just order in advance to avoid any untoward incidence.

Child Star

Hannah Montana is very popular among kids. Make your child the next Hannah Montana and buy her the perfect garnishes and blond wigs. You may also get a mini microphone for your little child star.

Doll Costume for Girls

Girls love to play with their cute little dolls. Ask your lass if she wants to copy her doll this Halloween. It is very easy. Just prepare the following: face paint, a lace wear, mittens, black shoes and a wig made up of fluffy yarn. Just be inventive. For sure, you and your child will have an awesome time together.

The Industrious Harry Potter Character – Hermione Granger

Do you like Hermione? This Halloween, make your child the exact copy of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter’s buddy. Just curl your daughter’s hair. Apply natural make up to your daughter’s baby face. Buy her a black robe and ask her to carry some books or a stick and you’re done. It is very easy indeed. Ask your child to carry a broomstick and she will be perfect for Halloween.

A Pretty Lady Pirate

Since Pirates of the Caribbean is in cinemas this year, why not make a lady pirate costume. Browse online and get inspiration from Pirate Halloween Outfit. You can also order from online Halloween costume stores. Find a really big bandit hat for your lass and she is off to a great escapade.

It is always fun to see children having the time of their lives. Playing dress up party are encouraged by many parents as it enhances the imagination of their children. The things mentioned above are some of the trendiest styles of dress up attire perfect for little girls. You may want to try them to your young girl on Halloween or during a dress up party. Have fun!

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