Cool Birthday Gifts: 16 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Your Best Friend’s 16th Birthday

Turning 16 is an important transition in every teenager’s life. It is the period when young girls mature into young women. So what can you do to make your best friend’s sweet sixteen special? Here are 16 ideas with some unique birthday gifts that can make her 16th birthday unforgettable.

1. Be the first one to greet her by calling or texting her at the stroke of midnight.

2. Post a birthday greeting on her Facebook wall with cute photos of you both.

3. If you have classes, talk to 16 classmates and have them hand her one balloon each at different times until all 16 balloons are given. Write down cute notes or birthday wishes and include them with the balloon.

4. Make a huge handmade birthday card and let all her close friends write a birthday greeting.

5. Turning sixteen means it’s time to get your driver’s license. Go with your best friend to get her license. She will be glad to have you there to share this momentous occasion in her life.

6. Afterwards, invite her to a spa and treat her to an afternoon of pampering. Get some nail art painting done for the ultimate girl bonding. If this is beyond your price range, just ask her to take you to the mall or arcade instead where you can just have fun chilling.

7. If her parents are giving her a car for her birthday, you can give her a car gift basket. Add a car freshener, road map, glass cleaner and emergency road kit. This will be useful as she takes her new car for a spin.

8. If you want something more personal, why not make a video birthday message. Just take your video camera and gather her friends and family and ask them to give a short message. Burn this to a DVD. This is something she will cherish and get to view over and over.

9. You can also create a scrapbook or photo book. If you have known each other a long time, then you probably have photos since you were small. Don’t forget to add those photos. She will be able to carry these lasting memories anywhere she goes.

10. If she loves listening to music, create an audio CD of her 16 favorite songs of all time.

11. If you love to bake, you can make her 16 cupcakes of her favorite flavor. She will appreciate this gesture because you made it especially for her.

12. If you cannot afford too much, bring her to the dollar store. She gets to select 16 items that she wants.

13. If she is a sentimental girl, she will be overjoyed to receive a handwritten letter giving 16 reasons why you love her. She will surely cry happy tears and you will definitely be best friends forever.

14. Another great gift will be The Butterfly Jewelry Box especially if she has a lot of trinkets and knick-knacks.

15. If you are good at crafts, why not make her a friendship bracelet to signify the deep and lasting bond between the two of you.

16. Nothing makes a sweet 16 more special than having a surprise birthday party. Organize one with the help of her parents. Gather all her close friends and family so they can celebrate this important day of her life with her.

Sixteen is a very significant event in one’s life so it is only right that you ring in this important chapter in your best friend’s life with much pizzazz and fanfare.

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