Handcrafted Gifts For Mom On Her Birthday to Show Your Love For Her

Does you mom love handcrafted things? Would you like to surprise her by buying her some? Here are some thoughtful gifts for mom on her birthday.

You can buy her a handcrafted lamp stand. The lamp shade should blend in well with the color of the walls.

You could get her a handcrafted jute handbag. You can choose from various sizes and shapes. Choose one that she will really like. Make sure it is also lightweight.

You could also get her a set of embroidered table mats made with jute.. You can choose from a wide range of colors. Buy her some coasters to match the mats and she will be delighted!

You could buy her a bunch of white embroidered handkerchiefs. Buy her a design with a pair of birds sitting on a branch or you could place an order of any specific design you need. Or better still, you could embroider the handkerchiefs and give it to her.

Make a lovely wall hanging for her by buying a sewing kit and doing it yourself. The instructions, thread, and the material will all be there in the kit. The good thing about the kit is the design is also sketched on the material. You just have to start sewing.

Make some pretty night dresses with lace for her. You could easily make some pot holders. You can try a very simple design. Or you could get her the handcrafted ones made out of nylon thread, which are really nice.

Most of the handcraft shops will also have jute pot holders. You could make a stuffed toy with felt and special cotton. You can design and cut it out yourself. It may not be perfect but your mom will love it.

You can also make a big letter holder for her. Use canvas material and make it into 3 sections. You should choose a good design with bright colors. You can maybe do a cross stitch design on it as it will be easy to sew on.

You could knit her a plastic wire basket for grocery shopping. Make sure it is big and spacious. A combination of bright colors will definitely make it look attractive.

You could make a woolen pin cushion. A cat shaped design would be very nice. You could design it in such a way that the cat’s stomach acts like the pin cushion. Always use a bright color so the pins can be identified easily in a hurry.

It is a lovely feeling to give mom a gift as she is always special to us. Buying her a gift from a store would be welcomed, but making it yourself will convey your love better.

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