Moving Day Considerations

To reduce the stresses of Moving Day and help make your move a success, take note of this moving advice from the experts. Some of the main relocation activities take place well before the Big Day. In short, the key ingredients to a successful move are planning, preparing, and organizing. Get a head start by taking action early on, whether you are ordering a moving van or hiring an international moving service, packing linnens and accessories, helping your kids adjust to the notion of moving, et cetera.

To begin, follow these organizational recommendations:

• Make a list of everything that needs to be done
• You can never have too many boxes, so begin early to look for free boxes from friends, stores, or businesses
• Pack out-of-season clothing first, as well as non-necessity items such as knick-knacks, pictures and wall hangings, extra linens, and more
• Use moving as an opportunity to spring clean and discard of extra ‘baggage’
• Donate or try selling some of the items which won’t be moving with you
• Label all your boxes with a dark marker, indicating for the movers where they will go in your new location
• Do not over-pack suitcases or boxes such that they are too difficult to lift or carry

If you are relocating abroad, you will of course want to hire a reputable overseas moving company. However if your new destination is within driving distance, you might want to consider saving some money and driving the truck or trailer yourself. Consider also one of the newest innovations in moving transportation known as “You Pack, We Drive”. Now offered by a growing number of professional moving companies, this service splits the tasks between you and the movers. Briefly, here is how it works. The company lets you pack the moving truck yourself. On Moving Day, professional drivers drive it to your new location. Before you return the vehicle you are given 48 hours to unload and unpack your belongings.

Preparing in advance is no less important for those getting behind the steering wheel of a moving truck or trailer. Map out your route carefully, taking into account the height of your vehicle and any low underpasses en route. Due to the extra weight of your vehicle, you may have to drive more slowly than usual and decelerate and brake sooner so as not to damage your load or crush fragile items.

If you are relocating with children, here is some advice from the moving experts. Maintain a positive attitude about the move, which will transfer to your kids. If your kids are angry, confused, or overwhelmed about moving, the following strategies may help win them over:

• Allow your kids to pick out furniture and colors for their new room
• Get to know the new area by planning a fun outing to visit special attractions and eat out; if you are moving long distance, study an online map of the new neighborhood
• Sign your kids up for their favorite extra-curricular activity as a way of meeting new friends
• Give older children specific tasks to do so they feel involved and useful

Fortunately, there is much you can do to decrease the stresses associated with Moving Day. If you plan early and stay organized, Moving Day will soon be over and you can begin to enjoy your new life in your new abode.