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Although a lot of people think of funerals as a sad and morbid event they can actually be a great way of reuniting old family and friends.

It’s so easy for people as they get older to lose touch with friends and family as they battle balancing work, children and a hectic social life. Several years can go by when the only contact we have is on birthday celebrations and at Christmas time. As a result a funeral for a relative or close friend, where people you haven’t seen for several years are joined in the grieving of the deceased may also be viewed as a way to revive friendships within the family.

Many close relatives argue, particularly in their teens, and what appeared to be a silly family dispute can actually turn into several years of not speaking or seeing each other. When we’re grieving our feelings are running high and we may possibly feel the complete opposite and actually look forward to seeing particular individuals and putting previous arguments to bed so a funeral can nevertheless be a positive event even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Having the ability to share antidotes and thoughts about the deceased with family and friends can help you all mourn together and by including more distant friends and even work mates you might find yourself really entertained by the reminiscences and having fun! You may also be amazed at the number of people who attend the funeral whom you haven’t seen for several years so don’t be shocked if a few people approach you from way back in your childhood.

Bear in kind that funeral services and wakes are are really held for family and friends to rejoice in the lifetime of the deceased and pay their last respects and although viewed as a solemn event can in fact be a good way to reunite individuals in their moment of grief. and Click here are experts in all aspects of funerals and cremations – get in touch today!