Bring Some Cheer To Family Dinners This Holiday Time With Some Light Up Glasses

If your family actually is the typical conservative family who has always followed traditions when it comes to having family meals together, they may get irritated when they see these light up glasses. But if they are at least open to some type of change and are able to lighten up for the approaching vacation season, then you could slowly introduce them to these creative glasses. Of course if they get angry, you better keep them quickly to avoid offending anyone. Besides, if you have any children around, they’re going to get excited very quickly since these glasses flash out colorfully when you dim the lights.

The Children Will Adore Them

So here’s the plan. If you have elderly people that would scowl at you the instant they see any light up martini glasses, then you simply need to remain calm and wait until the meal is over before letting the children have some ice cream with the light up glasses. Trust me. Your children will love these glasses. It’s one of the paths to make them contented.

What To Watch Out For?

Whatever you do, please don’t put these glasses into the dishwasher before removing the battery pack. Otherwise, you will finish up drowning the circuitry and your glasses won’t flash any more. Also, if you are arranging a surprise party for anyone and planning to serve them some alcoholic beverages with these light up drinking glasses, please make sure that the batteries are working fine. If they are out of juice, you will need to buy some new batteries to replace them first.

Enjoy The Family Meal

Apart from that, please have a wonderful time celebrating with buddies and relatives over a delicious meal this season. The glasses will just add some fun to your gathering or party so enjoy the evening meal together and lighten up.


This is one of the recommendations to bring some change to your family meals so as to make it a little more exciting. Nevertheless if your family disagrees, please don’t offend them. Nothing’s wasted as you can still have an enjoyable office party with associates or bring them along to your friend’s place for any party. Cheers!

  • The kids will enjoy seeing the glasses flash colorfully
  • Remember to remove the battery pack before washing the glasses
  • Enjoy your holiday meals with these light up glasses