Text Message Flirting Use Them And Get A Lot More Love!

Ever attempted text message flirting or had somebody flirt with you over a cellular telephone?

Here is a small story of what happened to me.

A week back I got a text message from my better half, and she told me she was just considering me.

That naturally was great.

Well, five minutes after she sent one again and told me what she was imagining doing to me but left some details out.

She was starting to get me excited, and it just got better from there.

Over the next 10 minutes, she had me so worked up that I could not wait for her to get home, so I could have her.

That night she asked me about it and if I liked the text message flirting idea.

I told her it was incredible, and something that she should do more frequently.

Her reply, “so should you”.

I said she should write a blog about that, but she said there already were some, and she actually got the idea from a blog post she just read from this bloke named Michael Fiore.

The blog post is all about text message flirting, and you can check it out for yourself at http://www.texttheromanceback.com/text-message-flirting-melt-any-man-with-nothing-but-your-thumbs-1186

Now a note of warning. This precise post is aimed at girls but the guys blog actually targets both men and lady.

I thought it was a chilled thing and ladies ; try it for yourself and see what occurs.

As of me, I am a big fan of text message flirting and think every couple should begin to use it!

Here is the video he had in the post, you could just watch that too but there’s lots of other cool stuff on the blog you might want to test out.