Making Your Marriage Go When Your Spouse Says Stop

If your spouse suddenly walked in one day and announced he or she wanted a divorce, you would obviously be truly devastated Even if things weren’t exactly peachy in your relationship, you may not have expected that your spouse wanted to end things. Instead of ending up getting divorced, you would most likely want to save your relationship. So how do you get your spouse, who has already given up, interested in fixing your broken marriage?

No matter what your instincts tell you, you should avoid trying too hard to save the union. It won’t help the situation much if you try to appeal to your spouse’s feelings of guilt. It’s best that you offer your partner some space. If your spouse feels pressured, he will be less willing to work with you. Giving your partner space will also have the effect of making him think that you too have given up. He may even change his mind after he’s had some time to think about it. Although it will likely be very difficult for you to do, it is best that you actually sit back and do nothing.

By backing away and giving your partner space, you will probably get rid of the negative feelings that you were experiencing. Discussing the situation with your partner while you’re still highly upset about it won’t do much good. It’s important that you stay strong too so that you don’t resort to begging. You’ll have much better results if you can express your opinions in a calm manner so your partner can see why you think the marriage is worth saving. Don’t let your spouse irritate you to the point of anger or goad you into saying things you don’t want to say. You should simply walk away if you feel yourself getting upset.

Do a lot of thinking about the days when you and your spouse were first dating. Maybe you did something special back then to get his attention. How did you dress and act? How much have you changed since those days? Maybe now is the time to become that person again. It’s best that you keep yourself looking well. Show him once again what a great human being you are, and help him realize how lucky he is to have you. It can also be helpful to avoid looking at the situation as the beginning of the end. Think of it as a chance to build something even better than what you had in the past. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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