Saving Your Marriage Without the Help of Your Spouse

If your spouse told you all of a sudden that you were no longer the object of their affection and wanted a divorce, how would you feel? Even if you were aware that there were rifts in your relationship, you may not have realized that things were quite at this point. You would likely want things to go back to the way they were in the beginning and try to restore your marriage. So how do you get your spouse, who has already given up, interested in fixing your broken marriage?

The biggest mistake you can make is trying too hard. If you go around looking and feeling hopeless, then you won’t appear very favorably in your spouse’s eyes. You should strongly consider giving each other space. You want to give him time to think things over himself. If you back away from him far enough, then he may think that you too have given up on the relationship. Once he has had enough time to think about things, then he may change his own mind. You might find it difficult to just sit back and do nothing, but it’s definitely the best thing you can do.

Another reason you should consider backing off a little bit is because it will give you time to clear your head a little bit. You will have a hard time having a productive conversation if you don’t go into it with a relatively clear head. A huge mistake that you should never make is trying to plead and beg for your spouse. When you talk, you want to be calm and present well-thought-out information as to why you feel your marriage is worth saving. Never let yourself get upset enough to say things that you will regret later. Instead of arguing with your spouse, simply leave the room and come back later to finish the conversation.

Do a lot of thinking about the days when you and your spouse were first dating. What special things did you do to attract his attention? How did you dress and act? Have you changed a lot since those days? Maybe now is the time to become that person again. No, you don’t have to drag out your old hippie clothes, but you do need to keep yourself looking nice. If you transform back into that person, he may just realize that he should never be stupid enough to let you go. Avoid thinking about this unfortunate situation as being the end of your lives together. Instead, consider it an opportunity to start again and build something even better. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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