Is Your Teen Defiant And Unreachable? West Ridge Academy Has Answers

Helping defiant teens after you’ve tried everything you can think of, can be extremely nerve wracking. Many parents before you have been there, in fact your own parents may have felt the same way, just don’t give up on them.

Deep down your child love and wants to have a good relationship with you, just like they did when they were young. Its not uncommon for parents to feel like their teen is defiant as they test their new found desire to be independent.

You’ll know the teens that have defiant issues vs those teens that resist to be told what to do by their parents because the degree of defiance is much higher than typical teens.

Most teens go through a stage where they challenge rules and boundaries to establish themselves.

Taking a stand to a certain extent is normal and healthy. It is common for a teen to ‘test’ your authority to determine how it works. The awkward teen years are just that, awkward because they haven’t learned how or where to fit in socially yet.

The differentiator is the length of time and consistency of the attitude of being defiant. Getting counseling from your church or school can be an affordable way to start getting help. Sometimes a little more dramatic solution is required, like boarding schools.

Boot camps or boarding schools are a more dramatic approach but very viable for parent who need help after doing everything they could do. Granted these types of programs can be very effective the parent or guardian needs to make sure the program meets the needs of the child in question.

Review the program before you entrust them with your child as not all programs will be appropriate for the state the child is in.

Boarding schools keep the kids on site, they live there and don’t return home at night. Disciple and respect are taught at boarding schools with rigid structure and accountability to the strict rules. Just like anything in life there is a wide range of quality when it comes to your selection of a boarding school.

West Ridge Academy suggests visiting the schools you are considering to get a good feel for where you are sending your kid.

Most of the programs today helping defiant teens have websites you can access. Get references and call them to get a feel for what other’s experienced. Often a program like this is your last resort so beware that your teen won’t like you for it and often can take a change of heart on their part before they warm up to you again.

West Ridge Academy is a great resource for parents looking for answer about how to deal with their defiant teen. A defiant teen and their parents can get help by following the advice on West Ridge Academy’s Twitter feed to help a defiant teen to overcome their difficulties.

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