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Your teeth are a significant part of who you are. Though it’s easy to take your pearly whites for granted, they perform many important functions. Your teeth can impact the way you talk, permit you to eat your favorite foods, and, most noticeably, make it feasible to communicate your character and feelings by the flash of a smile. By caring for teeth with regular dental treatment, you are in reality taking care of your general wellness. A great Colorado Springs Dentist has the experience and technology needed to keep teeth healthy and attractive, irrespective of your age or circumstances.

Healthy teeth commence with a great oral hygiene routine. But while brushing and flossing at home will minimize the of cavities and gum disease, it unfortunately cannot guarantee against these conditions. The most effective way to safeguard teeth is actually a combining of at-home care and in-office dental treatment. With regular dental cleanings, evaluations, and x-rays, problems like cavities can usually be identified when they are still very easily treatable. In some circumstances, a Specialized Dentist Colorado Springs provider may utilize a dental sealant. Sealants are applied directly onto teeth, establishing a permanent barrier that protects the deepest grooves of teeth from decay-causing food particles and plaque. If decay does happen, teeth can typically be mended with painless and invisible fillings and crowns.

Sometimes teeth are lost due to injury or medical issues. Missing teeth can severely affect quality of life by interfering with the ability to speak clearly, chew, and smile. Thankfully, your Colorado Springs dentist practice has the expertise to restore your teeth and your well-being with realistic replacements. While dentures make a sufficient temporary solution, bridges and dental implants are considerably more effective in the long run. When tooth loss is limited to just a few teeth, a bridge may be employed to attach artificial teeth to nearby real teeth. When tooth loss is considerable, dental implants are an optimal solution. With implants, titanium posts are fused to the jawbone and mounted with artificial teeth.

From routine dentistry to restorative treatments, your dentist Colorado Springs provider can care for your smile at every single step of the way.

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