The Benefits Of Living In A Houseboat On The Murray River

Having a home doesn’t mean you have to have a structure built on land. A home that floats on a body of water is a home too. Lots of families make the choice to live in houseboats instead of a ‘normal’ house that’s built on land, believe it or not. You could enjoy a lot of benefits with a houseboat, particularly for the people who are trying to come up with an environmentally-friendly way to live and simplify their lives at the same time.

The Murray River is one of the greatest and most spectacular river systems in the world. This kind of scenic environment is a great place for anyone to live in. Weekends of relaxation and gorgeous sunsets are yours to enjoy with your family if you live on a Murray River houseboat. You will be living in a riverside vacation every day.

You can do your part in saving the environment while living on a houseboat and you get a great view to boot. You can use several sustainable power sources rather than needing to be hooked up to the grid. You can use electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels to run your household. This way you can have a more sustainable household while at the same time lowering your monthly electricity bills.

A Murray River houseboat gives you the opportunity to be within easy driving distance of your workplace while at the same time enjoying your favorite watersports. This saves you travel time and perhaps storage space if your hobbies tend to require equipment that is difficult to transport.

You can have the same level of luxury on one of today’s houseboats as you would have in a structure built on land. Having a houseboat doesn’t always equal living in the hull section. A houseboat is similar to a structure that is put on top of a barge or platform. Some of the amenities can include a jacuzzi, a place to barbecue, and a home theatre. You can even have a house with 3 levels. It’s also not unheard of for the larger houseboats to have rooftop decks and gourmet kitchens.

For those with itchy feet, it means a certain amount of freedom. If your work means you need to travel frequently or you can work from out of your own home, you can actually travel around on your houseboat. You can rent berth at a marina and anchor your houseboat there or you can choose to travel along the Murray River.

You can go for a test run if you’ve never lived on a boat before by renting a houseboat for a short vacation. You can do this by contacting a number of companies that have this kind of service. Doing this can help you decide if this is a lifestyle for you.