The Government Is Stepping In To Help Consumers with Criminal Moving Companies

The Federal Government has at last stepped in and made rules which assist customers facing a move. Latest rules have offered your government more ability to crack down on interstate movers. This could be considered as a good thing, or this may be considered as a bad thing. During the past year the government shut down more than 75 movers which were stealing from people. The Feds could have more control of these types of movers, but this is not stopped road movers taking advantage of men and women everywhere in the Unites States.

All these movers operate in exactly the same way. They appear reputable first, and they’ll do everything within their capacity to receive a customer’s private items loaded on the relocating vehicle. They provide their clientele with impressive estimates, but once things are on the moving van the cost goes up. Consumers have seen estimates as little as $1500 twice as much the moment everything was packed away on the moving van. This is actually the type of relocating organization that the government is attempting to close down, however for every relocating organization they do successfully close down, two or three new ones will amazingly appear.

Consumers which won’t pay these types of movers the higher rates are going to find that their things are being kept hostage. These types of road movers will then start asking for cash before they will unload the moving van. These types of movers make the most of customers by scaring them and threatening them. Some have even gone as far as to try to charge customers storage space service fees.

Mark, a representative from has some tips for customers that may be facing fake moving companies.

“The the first thing that any individual should do when they are relocating is to record everything. In no way sign any pieces of paper if you don’t understand fully what you are putting your signature on. Preserve copies of every single piece of paper which you sign. Know very well what you are getting into. If you think that the relocating organization is profiting from you, then you should report them right away. The Federal Motor Transporter Protection Administration is working for you. They are cracking down on fake movers, and they are doing everything they could to defend people in America from these relocating firm’s frauds. Consumers do not need to tolerate it. These types of movers may be breaking the law. They must be reported.”

The issues with fake movers don’t stop there. There are lots of movers who are losing useful items for the duration of shipment. When customers make an effort to file claims for those missing items, they shortly realize that the relocating organization just pays a few cents per pound for lost things. The majority of customers don’t understand this when they put their signature on their relocating papers. Pricey unique things shouldn’t be delivered with the moving company. If they are sent with the moving company, customers need to understand fully how much money the relocating organization is liable to pay if these types of things get damaged or disappear.