Warm Up Your Winter Wedding Party With These Great Tips

Weddings usually occur during fall, spring, or summer as the weather during these seasons is great. But, more and more brides are attracted to the idea of a winter wonderland wedding. But while the snowy view is great for wedding photos, the unpleasant cold feeling would be your guests’ top concern. So to help you warm up your winter wedding party check out these following tips.

1. Serve comfort food and drinks.
Food and drinks in your menu will surely help warm up your wedding party.
Be sure that you have those that can warm both the stomach and the heart. You can set up chocolate fondue, have crab or vegetable soup, beef stew, or cottage pie. Go a bit over board with hot and spicy food. Try a hot dessert such as a warm cobbler or a flaming dessert like Cherries Jubilee. Don’t forget decadent hot chocolate drink in various flavours, served with cream and marshmallows.

2. Choose a unique theme and cozy decorations.
Cozy decorations are a perfect way to add warmth to your wedding party. Choose soft, rich colours, and dancing firelights to make an environment that dashes away from the bitter coldness of the winter. This is why red is a popular winter colour. The fiery hue creates a warm feeling inside. If your wedding venue has fireplace, arrange the lounge around it. Consider hiring a portable fireplace and design a lounge area at your wedding reception with great accents such as colourful throw pillows on the sofas and soft and comfy throw blankets.
However, if you don’t like to remind your guests of how cold and how boring the weather can get, consider having a Caribean-inspired party or a luau. Have your DJ play some Hawaiian or reggae music. Decorate your venue with palm trees silhouettes, flowers, and seashells. Serve some coconut cocktail drinks. Break up the cold boring weather with a tropical-themed wedding party.

3. Keep your guests warm.
For your center pieces, how about some nice scented candles? Or have hand warmers and heaters for hire. Such warmers will make those chilly fingers go away and make your guests ready to party. Just set up these little devices and they’ll do great wonders for your wedding party. They will surely make your guests warm and help them have a good time without worrying about the ugly weather.