Digital platforms reshape communication by Michael Mendenhall, HP SVP & CMO

Digital platforms reshape communication by Michael Mendenhall, HP SVP & CMO

Are the traits of creativity, flexibility and communication important in an effective psychologist?
I have a uni assignment for my academic literacies class, asking me to write about whether or not the attributes of creativity, flexiblity and communication are important in my chosen field – psychology. Just looking for an outside opinion, and new thoughts on the question.

Transformation video presented by Michael Mendenhall, HP SVP & CMO: Cannes Masters of Marketing Class

Lecture 4 – The cellular concept – System Design issues

Lecture 4 - The cellular concept - System Design issues

How much communication should you expect when dating a businessman?
I know he's going to be busy and our schedules are different. I'm up in the evenings, whereas he has to be at work early in the morning to prep.

So, how much communication should I expect, or do you think its a lost cause?

Lecture Series on Wireless Communications by Dr.Ranjan Bose, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL, visit … wireless Communication cellular concept

John Gray: Communication Keeps Passion Alive

John Gray: Communication Keeps Passion Alive

What universities have good political communication grad programs?
I want to go to grad school for political communication. I live in Ohio and would love to travel to another state/country if I can afford it.
I'd like to know which schools have great programs?

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How can communication help companies to build its brand from inside out ?

Eddy T asked:

To build a successful brand, a company needs a good communicator to build its brand from inside out. It should have a clear internal communication strategy to help and train its people to have enthusiasm and energy to deal with customer, supplier, regulator, the media and each other.
So internal communication is a useful management tool to companies to grow.

How communication differs from the 60’s to the 21st century?

LaurRawr asked:

I’m writing a research report for my English Class and we are required to write a paper by interviewing a person (at least 50 years old) about different aspects of his/her culture when they were a teen.
I’m writing mine on the difference of life with advances of communication, such as cell phones, computers, email, fax machines, etc.
We must ask our interviewee 15 questions about our topic.

Any suggestions for questions to ask?
The more the better, thanks!