Armin Van buuren – Communication

Armin Van buuren - Communication

What method of communication is the best?
It's Samuel Morse's birthday today, the inventor of morse code which is still practised in modern society.

Cheers would therefore like to ask what in your opinon, what was the best means of communication invented? Email, telephone, wirless? Explain why you believe this to be the best method of communication and what impact has / did it have on your life.

Armin Van Buuren – Communication

led zeppelin Communication Breakdown Live 1975

led zeppelin Communication Breakdown Live 1975

What are good sites that discuss the importance of communication?
What are good sites that discuss the importance of communication?
i am doing an essay, and i need to write about how communication is important, but i have to relate it to an experience.. in my case i am writing about when i got lost in a foreign country where english wasn't spoken. what are some sites… or journal articles, which can help me out?

Communication Breakdown jimmy page at his Awesome best

SOUL’d OUT – TOKYO?? (Urbbs Communication)

SOUL\'d OUT - TOKYO?? (Urbbs Communication)

How does communication take place at the synapse?
One emphasis in the class is understanding the role of "communication" between neurons and the role of this communication process in allowing the brain to generate and respond to behaviors. I need to write a minimum of two pages describing my current understanding of How This Communication Takes Place At The SYNAPSE. In need to provide specifics, using terms.
I don't know where to begin. I don't really even understand the subject. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

Soul’dOUT’s video “Urbbs Communication”

We Control the News Media – Anita Dunn Barack Obama’s Communications Whitehouse Director

We Control the News Media - Anita Dunn Barack Obama\'s Communications Whitehouse Director

How has communication been effected by technology?
I have a speech to give for my communication class and it would be nice to have different perspectives of peoples opinion on this matter. What are the pro's and con's of it? Personal experience? Any other things that would go great with this would be amazing. Thanks.

Anita Dunn, Obama’s Communications Director, the same woman who said her “favorite philosopher” was Mao Zedong, says in a conference “Movimiento por el Cambio Obama” (Movement for Change – Obama) in the Dominican Republic how they controlled the media to spin what they wanted out there. She explains how the Obama campaign controlled the spin and “worked” the Mainstream Media. Whoever controls the media controls the masses and the spin like true totalitarians. Of course the Media went along …